HR Assessment and Profiling Toolkit

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HR Assessment and Profiling Toolkit

With the advancement of technology and greater awareness of individual personas, there has been an increasing interest and correspondingly demand by clients for assessments and profiling toolkits to understand the individuals better and their suitability within the team and organisational context.

Similarly, for job seekers, there is also an increased desire to know themselves better in terms of interests, strengths and personality traits. This could be used for self development or to plan for their career interest and trajectory so as to help them reach their career aspirations.

Target Recruitment has a large toolkit of HR assessment and profiling tools at its disposal including for example psychometric, cognitive load and personality strength testing. In addition to having these resources, Target Recruitment is also able to call upon in house trained experts to administer the tests and advice on the outcomes.

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Profiling and assessment toolkit

Profiling and assessment toolkit

Target Recruitment offers a suite of up to 8 different profiling tools and assessments to test a range of abilities including the following:
– Cognitive and mental abilities
– Language proficiency
– Psychometric and Psychomotor
– Personality
– Strengths and Dominant traits
– Internal values

Besides the administration of the assessments, we also provide the results and a session to provide interpretation and advisory of the test results.

Staff dynamics advisory

Staff dynamics advisory

Based on the profiling and assessment results of a wider team and organisation, we are able to interpret the results and provide a holistic and wider view on how to improve and build staff synergy to maximise the team and organisation’s output and potential.

The advisory would include sessions with multiple stakeholders and would also employ the use of technology and the human touch to provide accurate and effective advice.

Career advisory

Career advisory

A growing trend and awareness amongst employees presently is their need to develop their career purposefully and effectively. At Target Recruitment, we recognise this need and from an informal service, we have grown and developed this into a full fledged service aiming to enrich and empower candidates for their best intended career future.

Our specialised team of qualified career consultants engages with the candidates to help pin point their strengths through the use of proprietary assessments and analytics while at the same time walking them through their intended career trajectory and options. In conclusion, our aim is to ensure the candidate’s long term career success!

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