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Why Choose Us?

As of this writing, there are over 3900 licensed employment agencies, each having their own style and methodologies. In the plethora of choices available, we have distinguished ourselves through these key factors as our key advantage.

Simply put, our clients have remained with us over the years simply because of our BETTER service which is our advantage. Read on to find out more!

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It is easy to use a one size fits all approach on the grounds that everything is standardised. In reality, we have discovered that dealing with people is a rather personalised experience. Just as how each one of us are unique in our own ways, the approach that we adopt in dealing with people requires us to have a hands on interaction to know them personally, thereby producing a customised approach to resolving their needs and requirements.

Hence, our approach regarding any client’s job order or candidate that we select would have at least 2 or even 3 times of personal engagement via phone calls, video calls or even physical meetings. This gives us a first hand experience necessary for successful closings and maintaining of relationships.


Here at Target Recruitment, we are well aware that employability is a critical element for both employees and employers. As such, we empathise with job seekers who may be going through a career transition or look to challenge themselves with something new, while we also understand the predicament of employers in securing effective and capable staff within their budget.

Bearing that in mind, we are mindful of obtaining the best job fit, matching candidates to open positions in order to minimise the repeated cycles of shortlisting, interviewing and selection. This is reflected in our fast turnaround time and testimonies from our clients and candidates.


The saying “if you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together” holds true in our organisation. Here at Target Recruitment, whilst you may be engaged by a single point of contact, you can rest assured that there is a team of backend support staff utilising digital tools to ensure that your success remain the focus of our joint efforts.

Our organisation has a full complement of 24 staff spanning across multiple departments that helps ensure no one person is overly burdened by additional work whilst allowing role specialists to flourish effectively.


We are firm believers in using technology as a force multiplier that enables our staff to achieve more. However, technology is ineffective unless it is utilised effectively and purposefully. To this end, we ensure that our consultants are endowed with sufficient training and the requisite competencies to stay abreast in the recruitment arena.

From the use of in house Application Tracking System (ATS) to mobile friendly job portal applications to proprietary candidate search programs, we are familiar with the best in class software and are constantly seeking out the next game changing technology for the recruitment technology


Our modern world thrives on speed and delivering success quickly. Here at Target recruitment, we are acutely aware of this given the level of competition and options available in the market, hence we seek to deliver results that matter quickly and efficiently.

This is reflected in our organisation’s mission of “… customised recruitment solutions in order to maximise returns and value for all stakeholders”. It is also seen from our average turnaround time in closing deals, which is about 1 week*, faster than the industry average of 10 weeks. This is in part due to the dedication of our recruitment consultants along with the use of powerful efficient technologies that minimises waiting time while maximising the job closure rates.


Reliability is an essential factor in the employment agency business. The handling of sensitive data coupled with the need to fulfil clients’ and candidates’ requirements in accordance to local laws and guidelines demands that reliability remains a top priority in our line of business.

Over the past 5 years, Target Recruitment has closed thousands of deals with more than 500 clients trusting us regularly. Regarding data security, we employ a tried and proven method of synergising the 3Ps of people, processes and products to ensure top level of data security. Furthermore, our demerit points record stands at 0 and we strive to maintain that by ensuring that our practices are safe, honest, professional and customer oriented!

So now you know what makes us BETTER than others! If you need to know more, simply contact us! Click on the link below to get in touch!

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