Work Pass Matters

Work Pass Matters

Application and paperwork for permits, contracts and other important documents could prove to be very tricky for organisations that do not have a specialised HR function. Changes in the manpower sector as well as government laws could cause issues for the informed. For example, the Covid-19 measures and TAFEP rules are essential but oft overlooked by companies.

Let us at Target Recruitment help you to navigate the process in a speedy, fuss-free and effective manner so that you can focus on the things that matter at work!

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Work permit processing

When seeking out foreign talents to bolster any organisation’s capability, it is essential to ensure that all documentation and processes are followed properly and done efficiently during the application process. Secondly, we also provide the added service of background checks and should the need arise, we are also able to terminate the work pass validity.

A specialised team of consultants regularly handle these cases which as a result ensures that they are up to date with recent developments and legislations. Over the years, we have dealt with foreign talents from over 30 countries leading to a greater awareness of their nuances and successful applications.

Besides handling the paperwork for work pass matters, our dedicated team of consultants go the extra mile in service. We are also able to handle the logistics, payment and management of the work pass for clients if necessary.

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