HR and OD Consultancy Services

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HR (Human Resource) and OD (Organisational Development) consultancy services

Clients often state “I know what I want best!” We accept that, however we believe we can still synergise for your success! That’s the strength of our consultancy services!

We offer Human Resources (HR) and OD (Organisational Development) consultancy services to organisations in order to improve or create a working system for their companies. Additionally, we share from our experience and also based on industry best practices.

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Our HR consultants hail from a wide range of industries and have worked in top level HR positions. They are therefore able to provide input on the following key areas of HR including :

  • Compensation, Rewards and Benefits
  • HR processes and systems
  • Training and Development
  • Union and tripartite relations
  • Downsizing and retrenchment
  • Work appraisals and review
  • HR audit and risk management evaluation

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Industry and market trend analysis

Industry and market trend analysis

The peaks and troughs of hiring have been disrupted by numerous factors including politics, technology, economics and changing demographics. It is therefore a good idea to have someone with a good pulse on the market. Above all, consultancy provides additional or alternative insights to your point of view.

Here at Target Recruitment, we have insightful sector specialists who are updated on the latest HR and hiring trends. Firstly, through our partnership and membership with HR and workforce development organisations where we glean first hand cutting edge information and insights. This is in addition to our regular discussions with our candidates and customers on the market.

HR procedures and policies evaluation

HR procedures and policies evaluation

Did you know that flawed and weak HR policies can cost companies million dollars per year? According to, in 2004, it is estimated that poor HR plans and systems had knock on effects to the tune of USD $1.05 BILLION. This could be poor hires, opportunity costs, training and resource wastage, low productivity or even legal costs in disputes! To avoid this, it is worthwhile implementing robust HR policies as early as possible, likewise consultancy and regular audits are also helpful.

Using our checklist developed from years of operational experience and backed by research, we are able to conduct an in depth SWOT analysis. We assess the current framework in place while using technology to maximise convenience and outreach to key stakeholders. The consultants have years of experience as HR Directors and leaders with strong domain knowledge and HR practices.

HR and recruitment best practice sharing

HR and recruitment best practice sharing

In addition to analysing new and upcoming HR trends, we also share relevant HR best practices that can benefit organisations in their bid to improve their recruitment and HR processes.

Here at Target Recruitment, we do not believe in a cookie cutter approach to sharing best practices, rather we base our suggestions on our interaction and where possible, a thorough evaluation of the organisation’s existing framework and structure. This helps to maximise buy in from key stakeholders while minimising time wastage on a “scatter gun” approach to the relevant “best” HR practices for your organisation!

HR processes implementation and validation

HR processes implementation and validation

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!” sang Billy Ocean in 1985. It is easy to conduct retreats and round tables to discuss policies and evaluate frameworks, but to implement the changes, it requires more. A good plan, effort, time, resources and support from all levels are some examples.

In conclusion, for Target Recruitment, we adopt a collaborative approach with our client to develop a timeline and plan to effectively launch the HR and work processes revamp. We also customised specific approaches for each organisation to maximise the effectiveness of the proposed solutions. We also conduct regular follow ups and evaluations to understand what works and to drive OD success.

Besides implementation, we also undertake validation processes according to commonly accepted international standards of HR processes. This ensures that HR processes and policies are updated and followed through at various staff levels while also checking to ensure that staff are aware on correct procedures and their rationale.

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