Target Recruitment Academic Institute (TRAIN) – Coming Soon

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Target Recruitment Academic Institute (TRAIN) – Coming soon

Aligning with the government’s stand on lifelong learning, Target Recruitment is poise to offer training and development courses for aspiring candidates to develop themselves. Learners will be prepared for their next career challenge with suitable soft skills through Target Recruitment Academic Institute (TRAIN) which is our main arm of training and learning. Built on years of operational experience and backed by academic research and relevance, TRAIN will offer comprehensive training to recruitment consultants and operations team members in the Recruitment industry who wish to stay relevant and updated on the industry.

With the aid of qualified and experienced trainers and through the use of key technology platform, the learning could come in the hybrid forms of offline and online synchronous classes or bite sized e-learning courses that could help the busy executive power up their learning at affordable rates and prices.

All of the workshops, courses and classes will have completion certificates by the accredited and approved organisations involved to ensure that the materials and body of knowledge taught is relevant and purposeful. Click on the sub titles to learn more.

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Academic Learning route

Academic Learning route

Knowledge is Power“, a quote used by former US President Thomas Jefferson emphasises the importance of learning and education. In a knowledge based economy where Singapore is hailed as a shining example, it is knowledge and its effective application that translates to high value goods and services that makes a difference to organisations.

Here at Target Recruitment Academic Institute, we partner with accredited renown academic learning institutions to offer aspiring HR learners a strong breadth and depth of HR knowledge and competencies through a modular study approach with a build up towards a full qualification. However, beyond just pure theoretical and knowledge acquisition, much of the learning also involves real world application through the exploration of real life case studies and where possible, the practical deployment and implementation of skills as part of their work exposure stint. These will help to develop a holistic and effective practitioners ready to make impact value in the marketplace.

Continuous Education & Training (CET) route

Continuous Education & Training (CET) route

In our current day and age, we recognise that HR practitioners are busy professionals occupied with a wide spectrum of tasks to be completed. This occurs at the expense of their ability to skill up and gain new knowledge through a rigourous and demanding program. Yet, in an evolving and changing situation, it is clear that HR professionals need to continue to learn and adapt to new trends and technologies that are commonly disrupting our world.

To cater to this group, TRAIN has developed a suite of bite sized HR modules and workshops, ranging from a 60min session to 4 hours module that aims to teach just a single competency with sufficient application and use of that new skill to value add to the work process. This is also followed up through an evaluative approach to validate if the learning was effective in arousing and maintaining behavioural change and work improvement.

As part of the CET route, there will also be a wide range of soft skills courses and programs that would be available to job seekers for their continuous learning and growth development in their career.

Assessment, Validation and Accreditation (AVA) route

Assessment, Validation and Accreditation route

We recognise that there are many HR practitioners who have gained skills and competencies over the years through their work and self development. Others may have gained their experience and qualifications from countries that do not share a mutually recognised articulation and equivalence of qualifications. Yet, these groups of practitioners should not be excluded or discredited for their lack of qualifications, hence the Assessment, Validation and Accreditation (AVA) route enables them to gain a qualification based on their experience and present competencies.

Target Recruitment Academic Institute (TRAIN) will administer the assessment and validation processes according to established and internationally accepted assessment standards. This will help to ensure that the accreditation and certification would be of quality and acceptable standards.

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