Our Business Philosophy

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Vision : We aim to be the preeminent bespoke recruitment solutionist for organisations regionally

Mission : Target Recruitment is a boutique recruitment agency adopting a focused  approach to offer organisations customised recruitment solutions in order to maximise returns and value for all stakeholders

Values : Trustworthy, Teamwork, Tenacity, Transformative, Timely, Thoughtfulness,

Tagline : Target issues, Targeted  solutions, Target’s results

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Our Culture

Our Culture

Here at Target Recruitment, we adopt a culture based on the values of trustworthiness, teamwork, tenacity, transformative and thoughtfulness with a focus on our vision.

Our model of business is based on hiring and training offsite based recruitment consultants to operate effectively and independently. This requires a great deal of trust in our consultants to be disciplined, honest and ethical.

Whilst the consultants may work independently, they are empowered with the knowledge that they operate with the support of a team behind them that drives their success. Consultants are also encouraged to be open and accountable with their Team leads to collaboratively resolve challenges.

It is acknowledged that resolving clients’ needs and manpower challenges is a complex and challenging task, hence one key trait that we seek out and aim to hone is tenacity. The will and drive to persevere and creatively seek solutions.

In all that we do, we strive to be professional agents of transformation and improvement for our stakeholders, including clients, candidates, colleagues & shareholders, establishing value-added, collaborative and syngergistic partnerships. All these must also be done in a timely manner to ensure that the provided service is able to render maximum effectiveness to the situation at hand

Lastly, our actions and responses are grounded in thoughtfulness. Always bearing in mind that beyond the statistics, deadlines and revenue, we are in the people business which prizes the empathy, communication and graciousness in our constant interactions.

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