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Firstly at Target Recruitment, we believe that human resources (HR) are the key differentiator to making things happen in organisations! However, a modern corporate HR covers an incredibly wide range of areas and specialisations, which not all companies are able to manage successfully. Hence, we seek to be a valued partner with our clients by offering a wide selection of HR products and services that would be able to meet your business needs.

However, it is not just about us providing a wide range of services, we also seek to ensure that the quality of service that we provide is top quality. We believe that this spirit of excellence in our standards as well as our ability to render customised service solutions efficiently are the other 2 key factors.

In conclusion, the value proposition of our services is what our clients have come to expect of us and we will strive to maintain that in our service delivery to retain their trust and continued support!

Some examples of the services we provide include:

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