Our History & Milestones

man holding a golden star in his hand, our history and milestones

Our History

Target Recruitment’s history begins in 2015 when there was an urgent gap in the recruitment sector for niche specialist roles in the IT and shipping fields. Over the course of the past 5 years, Target recruitment has expanded its spectrum of job covering positions and seeks to be a preeminent “specialist firm for recruitment and placement of office, management, professional and executive staff” here in Singapore over the next 3 years.

It has also grown from a one man company to a full service recruitment team of 24 staff with a full suite of backend support services that spans assessment & research, IT support and marketing divisions on top of its client servicing, recruitment and management divisions.

Despite its growth and expansion, their core focus and mission of “Target issues, Accurate solutions, Precise results” has not wavered. This mission to its stakeholders of clients, staff and the public is driven by Target’s values of care, determination and service.

Translating its intangible mission, values and culture into visible results, Target has increased its number of clients from just a handful to more than 5000 active clients over the years, a 1000 fold increase year on year with our company’s revenue and profits remaining in a healthy range in spite of the business uncertainties and increasing competition faced in the past 2 years. Over the years, we are humbled to have received awards and accolades such as being “an excellent service provider and a great asset [to our organisation]” that encapsulates our achievements. Above all, our clients continue to be our primary purpose for our existence and their acknowledgement of praise and warm words of support inspire us to work harder and serve them better.

Our Milestones in our History

Milestones :


Our Beginnings

  • First Award “Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award” won under Target Recruitment
  • Merger and Acquisition of Parent employment agency, WMS Personnel Services with almost a decade of history to form Target Recruitment Pte Ltd
  • First batch of 12 recruitment consultants trained
  • Secure 100 clients within a 3 month time frame
  • Revenue turnover crosses $2mil

Our Beginnings

  • Launch of rebranded job matching mobile Application – Jobs Supermart
  • Target recruitment offers bespoke recruitment consultancy services
  • Target Recruitment Pte Ltd celebrates 1st anniversary with a company lunch

Gaining momentum

  • Establishment of sectoral recruitment specialists, with the first 3 industries being manufacturing, engineering and shipping.
  • Company crosses the $3mil valuation mark

Charting a new course

  • Company establishes its corporate vision, mission, values and tagline
  • Establishment of assessment and research department
  • Target recruitment continues developing sectoral and functional recruitment specialists in the fields of IT, security, oil and gas, financial services, government linked organisations and many others

Expanding our Horizons

  • Establish strategic partnerships with companies to provide personality assessment and profiling services, training and development services
  • Target recruitment develops proprietary recruitment activity tracker system for greater efficiency and collaboration

Holding Steady

  • Target Recruitment appoints new CEO, Mr Gary Koh to take over management of the company
  • Target Recruitment celebrates its 5th anniversary in 2020

Emerging Stronger

  • Target Recruitment merges with Smart Recruitment to form a single business entity
  • Joins the Workforce Advancement Federation
  • Joins the Human Capital Institute
  • Awarded the NSMark

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